International Presence

  • Our company constitutes a powerful international force in its sector
  • Our outward-looking strategy and targeting towards new markets have contributed in achieving a ten-fold increase on our export rate during the period 2010-2021.
  • Large multinational companies, as well as prestigious retailers, trust MEGA as their main supplier for their products.
  • Design and production of advanced specifications (e.g. biodegradable products), is available.

MEGA is present in four continents, where we leverage the in-depth knowledge and local market understanding of our partners to develop products and strategies that are tailored to the need of the local consumers.

Thanks to its significant international presence and prolific export activities, the company was recently awarded the renowned Kouros Prize 2019.

Contract manufacturing

Quality and innovative design constitute a solid basis of trust for our collaborations abroad. Total Quality System, investment in state-of-the-art technology, advanced quality control systems and the designing of special products of superior skin-friendliness, are the key pillars of our long-lasting collaboration with leading international companies.