Mega Disposables on Fortune’s 2022 “Change the World” List in Greece

The criteria and methodology established by the American version highlighted those companies that stand out for the sustainable development model they follow. The distinction in the “Change the World” list is a special honor for MEGA, while it reflects its continuous commitment to Sustainability.

The company operates daily with the aim of creating a better tomorrow for Society and its people, placing sustainability at the center of its strategy, implementing important initiatives for the ESG pillars with specialized action plans with measurable positive results.

Seven new awards at Supermarket Awards 2022

  • TOP NON-FOOD SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR. MEGA was named supplier of the year 2022, in the non-food sector.
  • Gold award in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Environment” for its overall contribution to sustainable development. Through the targeted Sustainability Program entitled Act Green, MEGA implements in practice its commitments to create a positive environmental impact.
  • Gold Award in the “Joint Corporate Social Responsibility Actions” category, for the “CLEAN AEGEAN” program, implemented for the second year in collaboration with Enaleia and My market, with the aim of cleaning plastics from the seas, which are recycled and contribute to Circular Economy.
  • Gold Award in the category “Marketing & Communication (Non-Food)” for the successful communication strategy of EveryDay Sensitive with Cotton Maxi Night sanitary napkins which, through an innovative concept developed in 3 pillars of action (USP’s, CSR, Sustainability), highlighted the unique characteristics of the product.
  • Silver Award in the “New Packaging” category for the product Babylino Sensitive Pants-Night use Tested, which was designed adopting and recommending good environmental practices.
  • Silver Award in the category Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Society. The company has been  implementing targeted Corporate Social Responsibility programs for years, creating a positive social impact with the continuous support of vulnerable social groups and the local communities where it operates.
  • Bronze award in the category “Successful Introduction of Product/Product Line” for Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe XL, which ensure enhanced antibacterial protection and against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Two significant distinctions  at Environmental Awards 2022

  • Gold award in the Waste Reduce category
  • Silver award in the Sustainable Business category

Five new awards for MEGA at Retail Business Awards 2022 & Protagonists of the Greek Economy

Retail Business Awards 2022

  • Gold Award in the Suppliers’ Best Brand Launch Campaign category, with WET HANKIES Antibacterial Extra Safe.
  • Silver Award in the Suppliers’ CSR CAMPAIGN category, for the “CLEAN AEGEAN” environmental program.
  • Bronze Award in the category Suppliers’ Brand Campaign, EveryDay Sensitive with Cotton Maxi Night.

Protagonists of the Greek Economy

  • Protagonist of the PERSONAL HYGIENE PAPER INDUSTRY (TISSUE), as a leading company in a key sector of the Greek economy (based on the cumulative totals of turnover and profits before taxes)
  • Greek Business Champion, as a company that managed to simultaneously increase its turnover and profits before taxes, over 10%.

Three new environmental awards for MEGA at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022

  • Gold Award in the Purpose category, for the environmental program “CLEAN AEGEAN”, which is an integrated environmental action implemented for the second year in collaboration with Enaleia and My market, with the aim of cleaning plastics from the seas and coasts of the Aegean, which are recycled and contribute to the Circular Economy.
  • Gold Award in the Zero Waste category. As part of its environmental commitments, MEGA designed the appropriate production and waste management procedures, proceeded to the appropriate collaborations with certified recycling partners and dedicated the required resources, in order to achieve an extremely low environmental burden from its unit. As a result and practical recognition of the above choices and efforts, it received the international Zero Waste to Landfill certification at the “Gold” level, as in 2020 it achieved a 99% recycling and energy recovery rate in its unit.
  • Bronze award in the Recycling category. With respect to the Principles of the Circular Economy, MEGA is constantly developing new strict “Design for Sustainability” specifications for its products. It adopts initiatives beyond those required by law, for the proper management of waste, the increase of recyclable and recycled materials and the more efficient use of natural resources.

Important distinction at “Made in Greece Awards 2022”

MEGA was honored with the “Georgios Avlonitis” Marketing award, which was awarded for the first time this year, in Honor of Late distinguished professor. This distinction is a special honor for the company, confirming its excellent performance, values and its commitment to the creation of innovative products with high product safety.

Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe voted “Product of the Year 2022″

“Product of the Year” is one of the world’s largest and most important consumer-voted awards for consumer products and services.

Within the context of this internationally renowned institution, Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe were voted “Product of the Year” in their category, after an independent consumer survey conducted by IRI on a sample of 3,200 consumers in Greece.

Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe were the first antibacterial wipes in Greece that responded to the need for guaranteed reinforced antibacterial protection, by ensuring, through specialized tests of high requirements, scientifically proven action also against coronavirus SARSCoV-2.

This distinction is yet another proof that both institutions and consumers recognize MEGA’s constant care for maximum consumer safety.

MEGA received 7 important awards at the RETAILBUSINESS AWARDS and the “CHAMPIONS OF THE GREEK ECONOMY”

MEGA Disposables was recently distinguished in the RETAILBUSINESS AWARDS 2021, as well as in the ceremony of the Greek business “Champions of the Greek Economy”, winning a total of seven awards. More specifically, in the framework of the RETAILBUSINESS AWARDS, which took place on Tuesday, July 20, the company MEGA received the following four awards:

  • Gold Award in the CSR RETAIL STRATEGY category for the supply of medical equipment to pediatric hospitals, in collaboration with PENTE SA. and the association “Pediatric Trauma Care”
  • Silver Award in the SUPPLIERS’ CSR CAMPAIGN category for the company’s social action in the fight against the Covid pandemic.
  • Silver Award in the SUPPLIERS’ BEST LAUNCH BRAND STRATEGY category for the successful launch of certified MEGA disposable surgical masks.
  • Bronze Award in the category CSR RETAIL STRATEGY for the innovative support program of the Elderly “Friendship Bond” of the Elderly Department, of the Directorate of Social Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens, in collaboration with AB VASSILOPOULOS.

At the same time, in the context of the “Champions of the Greek Economy” awards, that took place on Monday, July 19, MEGA Disposables S.A. was honored with three awards:

  • Champion of the Decade (2010-2020), as a leading company in the main sector of the Greek economy (based on the cumulative totals of turnover and profits before taxes, for the period-financial period 2010 -2019).
  • Greek Business Champion (Gold Protagonist of the Decade 2010-2020), as a company that managed to simultaneously increase its turnover and profits before taxes, over 50%, comparing the financial year 2010 with that of 2019.
  • Solidarity Excellence, for its commitment to the value of human life with the solidarity it has shown in practice towards society, with the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the vision of creating a unique 100% Greek proposal in personal hygiene, MEGA Disposables S.A. records a steady growth and at the same time operates as a responsible corporate citizen who actively supports Greek society.

BabyCare Pure Water Calming Wipes – “Product of the Year 2021”

“Product of the Year” is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product and service innovation.

The aim of the institution is to reward industries, suppliers of products and services in the Greek market for their efforts to produce or create innovative consumer products with utility and purpose.

As part of this event, the BabyCare Pure water Calming baby wipes were distinguished receiving  the “Product of the Year 2021”  award in their category, after an independent consumer survey conducted by IRI on a sample of 3,200 consumers in Greece.

The new BabyCare Calming Pure Water baby wipes offer an innovative baby care proposal. Specially designed to offer gentle daily cleansing and a unique calming sensation. They have a unique formula that perfectly combines pure water (over 96% of the formula), organic lavender and cotton extracts. Thus, they offer gentle and calming care for baby skin.

Another innovative proposal of the 100% Greek company MEGA, which has many years of experience in the design of wet wipes and constantly invests in innovation and research, aiming to meet the highest requirements.

MEGA among the Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020

During the anniversary event of the Initiative “SUSTAINABLE GREECE 2020”, MEGA joined the leading team of The 25 Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020, which form the Business Charter of Sustainable Development in our country.

Double distinction for MEGA at Environmental Awards 2020

MEGA was once again distinguished for its sustainable practices, receiving two awards at the Environmental Awards 2020, the event that highlights and rewards good practices and initiatives for the protection of the Environment.

Specifically, the company won a Silver Award in the Resource Sustainability section for its Waste Management and a Silver Award in the Organization and Process Innovation section in the Sustainable Business category for its corporate practices and actions to reduce its environmental footprint.

MEGA Disposables: Diamond of the Greek Economy

For the ninth consecutive year, MEGA was distinguished as one of the Diamonds of the Greek Economy, in the context of the homonymous annual ceremony of Business Excellence.

Mega Diamont of Greek Economy award

Two important new distinctions for Corporate Responsibility at the 18th Retail Business Awards 2020.

Two new important distinctions, which reward the Corporate Responsibility actions, were received by the 100% Greek company MEGA Personal Hygiene Products SA, at the awarding of the Retail Business Awards 2020, the largest and longest-lasting market institution under the auspices of the Ministry Development and Investment.

  1. Silver award for the Social program “Mother & Child”.
  2. Silver award for the Social program “Press Enter in Technology”.

two awards corporate responsibility

Product Safety Award by European Commission for Babylino Sensitive

In 2019, the Greek baby diapers Babylino Sensitive  received the Product Safety Award from the European Commission.This top distinction reflects the top and non-negotiable priority of MEGA to produce an absolutely safe baby product: Babylino Sensitive. A product that has been recognized for its extremely high level of safety for infant skin, after a strict evaluation by EU’s special selection jury.

Babylino’s key pillars of safety:

  • Careful Raw Material Selection fulfillιng the strictest criteria of absorbency and exceptional skin-friendliness.
  • Investment in extremely advanced Quality Assurance Systems.
  • Advanced automated cameras (inspection cameras), which control thoroughly every piece separately in comparison with the model and the strict standards set by the Quality Control department.
  • Investments in state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Strict tests in internationally acknowledged dermatological institutions.
  • Thanks to the high priority of MEGA Disposables to proven Product Safety, Babylino Sensitive diapers were the first diapers in Europe to be Oeko-Tex® certified for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances.

MEGA “True Leader” of the Greek Economy for the 9th consecutive year

True Leaders destiction rewards and promotes businesses that face economic growth. Out of a total of 15,000 thousand companies surveyed, MEGA is among the 70 companies that have been distinguished on the basis of published results, while meeting objectively the following measurable criteria:

  1.  Included in the 500 Most Profitable Companies or the 200 Most Profitable Groups for 2018
  2. They are among the 500 Companies or 150 Groups with the largest number of staff and have increased their staff from 2017 to 2018
  3. They are in the top positions of their Branch based Turnover
  4. Have a High ICAP Credit Score

Two gold awards for MEGA at the Greek Export Awards

In a year when Mega has set a new export record, doubling its exports since 2010, gold awards have come to reward Excellence in its exports.
1. Gold Award for Top Industrial Export Company. MEGA has invested for decades in extroversion, with its products now on 4 continents, thus enhancing Greek presence and innovation in the demanding international market.
2. Gold Award for Top Branded Export Product Babylino Sensitive. The Greek Babylino Sensitive baby diapers travel daily on the shelves abroad, being a worthy representative of Greek personal hygiene products in the international arena.  Babylino’s high product safety and excellent quality have even been recognized by the European Commission, as Babylino was recently honored with the European Leading European Product Safety Award.

Four Gold Awards at Super Market Awards 2019

  1. Gold Award in the category of Export Activity & Extraversion, for its successful continuous growth on the world map.
  2. Gold Award, together with the Retail Company SKLAVENITIS, in the category “Joint Corporate Social Responsibility Actions” for supporting the “MOTHER & CHILD” program of Doctors of the World.
  3. Gold Award in the “Quality Assurance Systems” category for the product safety of Babylino Sensitive.  Greek baby diapers are designed with the strictest baby-friendly specifications and are internationally certified with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification.
  4. Gold award in the category “Successful Product Re-launch / Product Series”, for the re-launch of EveryDay, the world’s first “Sensitive” napkin.

Two significant awards at Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2019

MEGA received the Silver Award in the category Innovation for the Babylino Sensitive product and the Gold Award in the category Corporate Social Responsibility for the Integrated Corporate Responsibility Program entitled ” Actions of Care”.

MEGA protagonist of the Greek Economy 2019 for Personal Hygiene Sector

MEGA won another major distinction in this year’s “Protagonists of the Greek Economy 2019” Awards, confirming for another year its strong financial growth and its contribution to the Greek economy.

Kouros Business Award 2019

MEGA Disposables received the important 2019 Kouros Prize for its important export activity, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

The Entrepreneurship Club honors the 25th Anniversary Entrepreneurship of Innovation, Extraversion, Timelessness and Responsibility, awarding the historic Kouros Entrepreneurship Awards to entrepreneurs who lead their organizations to outstanding performance based on financial growth.

Triple distinction for MEGA at self-service Excellence Awards 2018 

The 100% Greek company, MEGA, received three awards at “self-service Excellence Awards 2018” award ceremony:

  • Gold Award in the “Important Investment” category for its continuous investment plan in its state-of-the-art factory facilities in Athens.
  • Gold Award in the category “Best Retail Practices / Retailers” in collaboration with Lidl Hellas. The program concerned the donation of over 340,000 baby diapers in order to meet the needs of all members of the Union “Together for the Child” and for over a year.
  • Silver Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category – for the Health Prevention Program for the elderly titled «Alzheimer’s Campaign”. The program is being held for the fourth consecutive year in collaboration with the Mission of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the Karelleio Center Alzheimer Center.

Gold Award for MEGA at the Environmental Awards 2018

MEGA received the golden award in Resource Sustainability category for its Waste Management program at its state-of-the-art factory facilities.

MEGA to the “Protagonistes of the Greek Economy 2018” with two major distinctions

The company received the “Business Exports” award that rewards leading businesses that play a major role in paving the way and in actively supporting the Greek economy. Moreover, MEGA received the “Protagonist of the Greek Industry” award (Personal Hygiene – Tissue). The award arises from official data of published balance sheets as well as the general impression and the market’s assessment about the company’s progress in Greece.

Double Distinction at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018

MEGA Disposables received two significant awards at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018, rewarding its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

  • Gold prize for the social program “Experiential Theatrical Workshops for the Third Age” as part of initiatives for Active Aging, in collaboration with the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Silver Award for Waste Management Program in the state-of-art factory premises.

Distinction at Waste & Recycling Awards 2017

Mega Disposables S.A received the important “ZERO WASTE” award, aiming at zero waste generation.

This award constitutes recognition of the important work of MEGA S.A. for the protection of environment, which is at the heart of company’s strategy for sustainable development.

One more distinction won Babylino in « Self Service Excellence Awards 2017»

Babylino has won the Award in the category “Product Sales / Market Share increase – Non Food” at the Self Service Excellence Awards 2017, in an impressive ceremony for Retail, held at Hotel Grande Bretagne, in Athens, on July 6th.

The distinction in the category “Product Sales / Market Share increase – Non Food” confirms the highly successful course of Babylino, for one more consecutive year.

A distinction of at most importance : «Growth Award» for Mega Disposables

MEGA S.A. was elected as the winner in the category “Functional / Operational improvement”, within the framework of  Growth Awards held by Eurobank and Grand Thornton, which reflects the continuous effort of MEGA S.A for Excellence, in designing and producing top quality innovative personal hygiene products, and also in its Operational model, as well as its overall activities.

A triple distinction for MEGA S.A in the «Greek Exports Awards»

MEGA Disposables S.A, one of the largest and most sophisticated industries of personal hygiene products in Europe, was awarded three important awards in the Greek Exports Awards ceremony. The Greek Exports Awards 2016 was organized for the 5th consecutive year, by the Association of Employees of Diplomatic Economic & Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with Ethos Media S.A., honoring companies for outstanding achievements in exports, while enhancing productivity, competitiveness and employment in Greece.

Honorary distinction for Mega Disposables in the Awards of the Non-profit Union “Together for Children”

Mega Disposables received for the second time, the Honorary distinction for its contribution on the important actions, during the previous year, of the Union “Together for Children”. Our company is very concerned with issues related to children and continues to support with unique sensitivity the important social actions all over Greece.

Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 6th consecutive year

MEGA SA was awarded for the 6th consecutive year as ” Diamond of the Greek Economy» by Stat Bank, confirming its strong growth.

EveryDay won the Gold Award at “Self-Service Excellence Awards 2016” 

The distinction in the category “Sales / Market  Share Increase – Non Food” confirms the highly successful performance of EveryDay brand,from its beginnings to today. The prize was awarded due to the large market share rise that stood across the «non food» category.

Top Distinction of Babylino Sensitive diapers at “Made in Greece 2015” Awards

The first award in the category of  “Branded Greek Product” received the Greek baby diapers Babylino Sensitive, of Mega Disposables, at “Made in Greece 2015” Awards. This top distinction, based on strict evaluation criteria, proves that the 100%  Greek baby products  Babylino Sensitive, despite the financial crisis,  represent the Greek innovation and development.

GOLD award for the category ‘Increase of Sales/ Shares of Products- Non Food’ for baby diapers Babylino Sensitive – Organized by ‘Self Service Excellence Awards 2015’

The distinction proves that the 100% Greek baby product Babylino Sensitive, despite the extremely difficult period of of financial crisis, managed to make the difference by increasing its market share in a very short period and gaining strong presence in important markets abroad.

GOLD award for the category  «Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Human» for the social action “Letter to youth”,by Sani Senstive products, organised by Self- service Excellence Awards 2015»

The distinction in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility”, shedding light to the Third Age.

The initiative aimed to shine the spotlight on and honour the elderly around Greece on the International Day of Older Persons (01/10), providing them with an opportunity to share their knowledge and precious wisdom with the younger generations. In addition, it aimed to provide material help to the elderly poor who were suffering the effects of the economic crisis. At the same time, it promoted the awareness of young people of the “preciousness” and value of older people today in Greece and strengthened the dialogue between the two generations.

Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 5th consecutive year

MEGA SA was awarded for the 5th consecutive year as “Diamond of the Greek Economy” by Stat Bank, confirming its strong growth. The particular award seals not only Mega Disposables constant rising route, but also its actual support to Greek economy.

«Environmental Awareness Award Ecopolis 2015» 

MEGA Disposables received the Environmental Awareness Ecopolis Award 2015 and was distinguished for “beyond the duty excellent work in the category of Environmental Policy – particularly for the Solid Waste Management Program “.

The award is recognition which rewards the important and significant work for environmental protection, which is the “heart” of company’s strategy for sustainable development.

Supplier of the Year” Award for MEGA Disposables S.A at Lighthouse Retail Business Awards 2014

This distinction is a great honor for MEGA, as it has been awarded by its clients themselves (i.e. the retailers in Greece), confirming the company’s excellent performance, customer-oriented philosophy, ethical standards and excellent working relationships with the Greek Retail.

Honorary award “Life Achievement Award 2014» for Mr. Vitouladitis Constantin, CEO of MEGA Disposables S.A 

The significant «Life Achievement Award» was awarded to Mr.Vitouladitis in recognition of his development of the industry, his contribution to the Greek product innovation, the sustainable entrepreneurship, but also for his ethical standards and excellent relationships with the retail market.

MEGA S.A. among the Europe’s ten best companies

In 2013, MEGA S.A. was named among the ten best companies in Europe, in the Exports sector, receiving the honorary distinction of «Ruban d’ Honneur Imports/Exports» at European Business Awards 2012/2013, a pan European institution which has as its main objective the identification and reward of the most dynamic companies of the European business community.

Honorary distinction for Mega Disposables in the Awards of the Non-profit Union ‘Together for Children’ 2014.

MEGA S.A. received the Honorary Distinction for its contribution in the support of the important work of the Union Together for Children. Sensitive to the needs of children, the company is a staunt advocate of children’s issues.

MEGA the ‘True Leader’ of the Greek Economy for the 3rd consecutive year

Another honorary prize, another special award for MEGA. According to a company spokesman, the award as a ‘True Leader’ is once again a special honor for MEGA, which is committed to continuing to support the Greek economy by investing in modern technology and human resources and producing innovative products.

True Leader 2012

‘True Leader’ of the Greek Economy for the 2nd consecutive year.

Mega is ‘True Leader’ of the Greek economy for the second consecutive year, meeting four objective and measurable criteria:

  1. Included in the 500 Most Profitable Companies Based on EBITDA for 2011
  2. Included in the 500 Companies with the Most Personnel, and Has Increased Its Staff from 2010 to 2011
  3. It is in the Top 10 of its Sector (based on turnover)
  4. Has a high ICAP Credit Score


In the midst of the Greek crisis, MEGA continued to be a member of the Community of ‘STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE’ for the second consecutive year. ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Rating Organization and by the European Central Bank as an Accredited Credit Rating Source. The Strongest Companies in Greece community has only one in ten businesses in Greece.