The Planet’s Ecosystems are becoming increasingly fragile, among others, due to climate crisis (global warming as a result of the increase of anthropogenic greenhouse gases), the natural resources depletion, uncontrolled pollution of the seas and the loss of biodiversity.

All together, states, companies, consumers we are a strong chain that can contribute to the effort to mitigate the climate crisis and reverse the global degradation.

As one of the largest personal hygiene products manufacturers in S. Europe, MEGA is deeply concerned about the future, aspiring to constantly create a positive impact on the societies where it operates, while at the same time responsibly producing products that are friendly to the skin and the environment.

Sustainable Development is deeply ingrained into MEGA’s DNA. We aim at a better future, while innovating with a view to meet the highest requirements of the modern consumer in the field of personal hygiene.

Our company converts challenges into commitments, with the aim to create a growth sustainable development model that is fully aligned with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Among others, we have designed the Act Green Program, which sets environmental pledges to be implemented by 2050. Thus, at MEGA we are committed to reduce our environmental footprint; to increase the recyclable packaging; to integrate more recycled material in our packaging; to be a net-zero carbon dioxide emissions organization by 2050; to increase the use of renewable energy sources etc., contributing responsibly to the global efforts to protect our planet.