With responsibility for the Society and the National Health System

In an effort to contribute to tackling the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we have actively supported the National Health System, while at the same time we continue to stand by vulnerable social groups, with continuous product donations and targeted social actions.

Indicatively, the Company has carried out the following supporting actions:

1. Donation of 20 hospital beds for Intensive Care Units, designed with special specifications for ICU, to the Ministry of Health. Τhe hospital beds were handed over immediately to the Ministry of Health, in order to equip the Intensive Care Units of the hospitals nationwide.

2. Donation of Medical Equipment for the new Intensive Care Units needs in Tzanio Hospital.

Analytically, the donated equipment included: Electrocardiograph, Electroencephalograph, Defibrillator, Hypothermia/Hyperthermia Machine, High Flow O2 (High Flow) Apparatus, Intensity Measuring Machine, External Pacemaker, External Pacemaker situations, Digital Osmometers, Indirect Calorimetry Machines, Weighing Patient Crane, Hospital/Change Wheels, wheel chairs for hospitalization/change, Mobile wheeled suction, Diathermy, Portable operating room light, Drug Refrigerators, Stato/Serum Columns, Inclined stato console.

3. Donation of 5.000 PCR Tests to Thriasio Hospital.

Specifically, the company proceeded to donate reagents for molecular diagnosis, with accompanying equipment a fully automated and approved for diagnostic use, real-time PCR system. With the contribution of MEGA, currently, the G.N.E. “Thriasio” operates a Molecular Control Laboratory, which ensures the fastest and most accurate possible diagnosis for Covid-19 positive patients and therefore their fastest and safest treatment.

4. Donation of 200.000 MEGA surgical masks to over 110 Nursing Homes of Attica.

Our priority is to assist in the common fight against the pandemic, especially in the bodies that are most affected and where the risk of loss of life is greater, such as the Nursing Homes of our country. In front of Health, everyone is equal and has the same right to protection, with a product that is appropriately designed to offer extremely high protection and at the same time comfortable breathing to the elderly, but also to the employees in the Nursing Homes.

5. Support of the Home Help Program of the Municipality of Athens with a donation of 690,000 personal hygiene products

In the context of the program, the company substantially contributed to meeting the needs and providing basic goods at home to Athenian citizens with underlying diseases and ailments, the elderly who cannot be served by their relatives, lonely people who are unable to support themselves, as well as and the strengthening of the new homeless accommodation structures of the Municipality.

6. Donation of surgical masks and antibacterial products to all schools of the Municipality of Acharnes.

MEGA offered surgical masks, antiseptic lotions and antiseptic wipes MEGA, in all public schools of the Municipality, thereby further strengthening the measures to protect students and teachers from the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

7. Support of the new program of the Elderly Friendship Clubs of the Municipality of Athens entitled FRIENDSHIP for the Elderly.

MEGA supported and continues to support the Third Age with the new program of the Municipality of Athens entitled DESMOS FILIAS. The DESMOS FILIAS program provides the 3,600 officially registered members of the Friendship Clubs with telephone support, information, and psychological support. At the same time, MEGA offered to all the officially registered members of the Friendship Clubs of the Municipality of Athens 3,600 “MEGA protection boxes”, which include a full range of Wet Hankies antibacterial protection products.

8. Donation of over 4 million personal hygiene products nationwide, in collaboration with Municipalities, Institutions, Nursing Homes, local communities etc.

9. Donation of reagent for the Pasteur Institute.