Environment “Ε”

An integral part of our strategy for sustainable development is our commitment to improve our environmental performance over time, producing products of excellent quality with unique skin friendliness attributes, but also with the utmost respect for the environment. We also design and invest in new technologies while working methodically to make the operation of our factory even more environmentally friendly.

Our goals are mainly focused on energy efficiencies, plastic reduction, maximizing the use of raw materials of plant origin, responsible usage of natural resources, the use of 100% recyclable packaging, as well as the integration of sustainable development principles in our decisions and processes.

By adopting the Principles of the Circular Economy, MEGA can produce less waste, improve recycling practices, increase the volumes of reused plastic and paper in its packages, generate its power through 100% Renewable Energy Sources, and further promote the circularity principles in its production processes.

Our company has 20 years of experience and special know-how in the production of eco-friendly products, while we are the main supplier of one of the largest companies worldwide distributing biodegradable products in the category of personal hygiene.

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