WHAT we do: Our commitments become action


At MEGA, our self-commitment to Sustainable Development stems from our own principles and values. That’s why, decades ago, we pioneered the ‘’sensitive concept’’, by choosing cotton over plastic as the topsheet of several of our products. Our sensitive products, which are based on materials that are ‘friendly’ to both the skin and the environment, represent a tangible proof of the indisputable value we add  in the Greek and international personal hygiene sector. Because for us, everything begins with our respect for consumers, our people, our partners, and the environment.

Our vision is to have a positive impact on society through sustainability and to promote responsible production and consumption through our activity to ensure a better future for the next generations. As a Greek industrial powerhouse, but also as one of the largest producers of personal hygiene goods in Europe, we are well ware of our pivotal role in conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. At the same time, we consider personal care and hygiene to be inextricably linked to the wellbeing of the planet. That is why, we leverage international and Greek innovative thinking and deploy them in our laboratories to introduce initiatives such as the Act Green Redesign – Reduce – Recycle program.

Today, as our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, we forge ahead and intensify our efforts. Through the Act Green Program, we bring to life the element of care, which is at the core of our DNA, while we reaffirm our commitment to continue acting responsibly with respect and integrity through environmentally beneficial operational practices and initiatives that continually reduce our environmental footprint.

All of us at MEGA, now more than ever, offer our know-how, resources, and collaborations at the service of the planet in order to significantly reduce our environmental footprint and at the same time provide improved life quality for consumers of our products.

We take the future personally.

Within the framework of the Act Green Program, we have set the following significant goals, which we consistently serve:


  1. We have been using cotton, wherever technically feasible, already for many decades now. thanks to this long experience, MEGA is fully aware of the strengths of this 100% natural fiber, and its benefits to the skin as well as the environment.
  • As early as in 1998, when ordinary pads were still being made of plastic film, MEGA launched the EveryDay All-cotton pantyliners with a 100% cotton cover.
  • MEGA is committed to the constant redesigning of its products with the view to maximize the volume of cotton we use in our products by 2050, with safety, skin compatibility and environmental considerations.
  1. Absorbing surface in the center from natural fiber
  • During the last decade, the trend regarding the absorbing center of the pads was the reduction of natural pulp and the increase of superabsorbent polymers.

MEGA retained a significant portion of the fiber in the pulp. Since 2020, MEGA has been using exclusively pulp from sustainable forests FSC for the production of pads in the incontinence and sanitary categories.

MEGA commits itself to using exclusively (100%) FSC certified pulp by 2030 in all product categories.


At the same time, since 2019, the company has been making use of new spherical technology in baby diapers that allows the same absorbency to be maintained, while the use of polymers is reduced by 10%.

Moreover, the company:

  • Redesigns existing products so as to improve their environmental profile across the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and, at the same time, introduces a new range of products using biodegradable raw materials, where possible.
  • Supports public awareness campaigns devoted to issues of redesign/circular economy and promotion of good responsible consumption practices.
  • In the context of its communication strategy, MEGA promotes the aspects of product composition transparency and responsible consumption by highlighting the important environment-friendly character of its activities as well as its the efforts to improve the sustainability indicators attached to the life cycle of its products.


In addition, the company has set the following targets:

  • Totally decarbonize its production activities by powering its plants through 100% green electricity, with a parallel improvement in energy efficiency and in the ratio between self-production and self-consumption in our facilities. And as we continue to honor our commitment to sustainable development, we operate with reduced carbon dioxide emissions in our production facilities and offices, holding green Certificates of Guarantees of origin of 100% Green Energy.
  • Continuous reduction of our water footprint. The last two years alone we have managed to reduce the water consumption in our production facilities by 13%. We are committed to scale up these efforts over the next decade.
  • Reduction of packaging materials by 10% in all our products by 2030.
  • Reduction of our net carbon emissions (Scope 1 & Scope 2) by 50% by 2030 and becoming net zero by 2050 (compared to 2020).



Since 2011, 100% recyclable packaging has been used in several of our products. This principle is extended with the aim of using 100% recyclable packaging in all our products by 2023.

Specifically, the company has taken the following initiatives:

  • Increasing the usage of paper packaging consisted of 95% recycled paper.
  • Increasing the volume of packaging bags containing recycled plastic (fully controlled recycling cycle):

Up to 30% by 2030

Up to 50% by 2050

Furthermore, MEGA has been recycling the plastic scraps resulting from its production process since 2004.

  • In line with the circular economy principles, MEGA, in collaboration with other Greek companies, has managed to recycle these scraps for the production of its own packaging materials.
  • The company will further extend the utilization and reuse of its packaging materials until 2030.