Providing information to our Consumers

At MEGA, our primary goal is to design and provide consumers with products of excellent quality and maximum safety. Thus, we are constantly investing in extremely advanced universal Quality Control and Assurance Systems, which are rolled out across the entire production cycle, mechanical equipment and production units. The company is also investing in compliance controls with strict Health and Safety conditions. For us at MEGA, consumer safety is a cornerstone of our operation and our uncompromising priority, from the moment a new product is conceptualized, all the way till its design stage and through to production.

At MEGA we make sure to inform our consumers about all changes regarding our products. Upon holding a MEGA product, consumers have access to detailed information about the characteristics of the product, the certifications, the way of use and disposal of the specific product, the required precautions where necessary, etc. At MEGA we use all communication channels (Press Releases, TV spots, Social Media, newspapers and magazines, the Internet, etc.) in order to inform consumers about our products.