Code of Conduct

At MEGA we are committed to conducting our activities in an ethical and responsible manner for the benefit of the company, consumers and the environment.

The requirements of the market, partners, consumers, NGOs, regulators, and the public are becoming increasingly stringent, demanding and discerning as are the prerequisites for transparency in supply chain management, documentation and monitoring.

With the Code of Conduct, and the daily commitment and effort of all stakeholders, we believe that we will be able to jointly meet and exceed the ever-evolving requirements for products that we can be proud of and set standards that go beyond the expectations of our customers and consumers.

More specifically, the Code of Ethics reflects the common principles of good practice and ethics that guide us and set MEGA apart.

The most important sections in MEGA’s Code of Conduct, which have particular significance and relevance to our stakeholders, are the following:

1. Our Employment Principles

Respect of Human Rights

MEGA, and its partners, support and respect the protection and observance of internationally recognized human rights, and always apply the highest ethical standards.

Freedom of work choice

MEGA, as well as its partners, prohibit any form of forced labor.

Elimination of Child Labor

MEGA and its partners, are proponents for the effective abolition of child labor. Child labor is strictly prohibited, and partners must comply with the relevant standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as international and national conventions.

Personal Data Protection

MEGA and its partners are committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the information and personal data provided to it and comply with applicable national and European legislation on Personal Data Protection. This way, they undertake the obligation to handle responsibly and legally the personal data of their employees.

MEGA and its partners do not collect, access, maintain or disclose personal information, unless required and mandated for relevant and lawful business purposes.

We take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the law. Finally, we inform our employees of our strict policies for the processing of personal data.

2. Our Business relations  

Strict Law Compliance

MEGA and its partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the importation and exportation of products.

MEGA’s partners must always conduct their business in a professional and independent manner and in accordance with the standards set out in applicable international and national laws and regulations and must recognize that the requirements of MEGA may sometimes demand additional layers of scrutiny and approvals that go beyond existing regulations.

Partners should act with integrity, honesty and fairness in all aspects of their business.

Fair and Right Competition

MEGA and its partners respect and ensure fair competition.

The Partners and all involved parties acting on their behalf must comply with national and supranational antitrust laws and competition laws.

They do not enter directly or indirectly into illegal agreements with competitors, nor do they exchange sensitive information regarding markets, customers, strategies, prices etc. All partners, as well as all people acting on their behalf, participate in tenders and always in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Books and archives accuracy and compliance with taxation

Accurate bookkeeping and records archiving, as well as compliance with all tax and duties requirements is an integral part of operating a lawful and transparent business in a sustainable manner. For MEGA, this principle is an unquestionable commitment, while it expects its own Partners to act with the highest degree of diligence in terms of accuracy of books and records and compliance with laws and required taxation.

3. Our responsibility for the Environment

Environmental Management System

MEGA is constantly working to improve the sustainability profile of the organization and its products, including efforts to develop the resource efficiency and environmental performance of MEGA products over their life cycles. This requires information, commitment and transparency on the part of suppliers. Partners should, at a minimum, comply with relevant environmental legislation and industry standards and be able to demonstrate such compliance upon request.

MEGA is constantly focused on the current environmental situation and future improvements required to reduce the environmental impact of its products and activities. The Company’s Partners should be prepared to demonstrate their commitment and ability to support this proactive approach.

MEGA has adopted and implements a documented environmental management system, in line with the current ISO 14001 certification, including at least:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Documented research on the current environmental impact of the supplier, including analyses and priorities that can be used as a basis for planning actions to reduce the environmental impact, applying all legal requirements
  • Defined and documented responsibilities and available resources
  • Defining goals and actions for continuous Improvement
  • Regular review of EMS management and its effectiveness.
4. Our responsibility for Product Safety

Safety and Product Quality

MEGA and its partners are committed to the production of high quality and safety products and services. Product safety is synonymous to safety for customers, consumers and all those who come in contact with MEGA products.

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The personnel performing testing on raw materials/ to the components and /or the goods must have sufficient knowledge using test methods. The test methods used must be clearly defined, validated, documented and preferably in conformity with a recognized industry standard.

All measuring tools must be regularly calibrated and checked according to the use of a metrology system.

5. Compliance with the Authorities

Reporting Obligation

The Partner should report to MEGA’s representatives any suspicions of material breach of any obligations under this Code of Conduct including any breach by MEGA’s partners.