Products’ Quality Assurance

Product Quality Assurance System

At MEGA, we have a vision to provide innovative products of high quality which cover the needs and expectations of our consumers, while improving their quality of life.

The strategic emphasis of our company on Quality Assurance systems was recognized internationally in 2019, when MEGA was honored by the Commission with the “European Commission Product Safety Award”. This high-profile European distinction certifies and distinguishes MEGA products for the excellent quality and proven safety they provide to European consumer.

We produce products of extremely high standards, based on a quality control and certification system of our products that consists of the Internal Quality System, which is constantly evolving, fully automated and computerized. At the same time, we carry out regular inspections in approved laboratories and official certification organizations of the industry.

We ensure that the Principle of Excellent Product Quality is a daily concern in every activity of the Company. Specifically, the Top-Quality Strategy consists of the following pillars:

  • We ensure that the Principle of “Excellent quality has absolute priority”, with the primary commitment of the company’s Board
  • We train all our employees in quality policy, urging them to apply it on a daily basis
  • We invest continuously in processes, mechanical equipment state-of-the-art technology and advanced quality control systems to achieve the desired quality result.
  • We design new innovative products that meet the needs of consumers, always having safe protection as our top priority
  • We set the bar of our requirements much higher than the Regulatory Framework that governs our products

In order to achieve these goals, we commit to:

  • Continuously monitoring  technological evolutions
  • Continuously updating our production equipment
  • Applying innovative production techniques
  • Training our personnel and investing in knowledgeable, professional people.
  • Investing in consumer research in order to identify real needs and provide products that meet them.
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality System.
  • Monitoring our quality systems through indexes that are regularly updated.