New Sani Lady Sensitive, by EveryDay!

Sani Lady Sensitive light inco pads are now available with new packaging and product design.
Endorsed by EveryDay napkins, the have been specially designed to pair top absorbancy levels with sensitive protection to the skin.

With a new packaging design:

  • Totally feminine, with an intense, feminine color code that helps in choosing the size.
  • Endorsed by EveryDay, a brand of confidence, which has gained consumer’s appreciation, thanks to its efficiency and exceptional skin-friendly properties.

New Sani Lady Sensitive by EveryDay feature a new improved product design:

• Even more anatomic elastic sides for comfort and protection.
• Healthy textile cover cotton soft, allowing the skin to breathe, preventing irritation.
• Super-absorbent core, offering dryness, and helping reduce odors.
• Anatomic design for comfort and discretion.
• Strong adhesive so that the pad remains firmly in place.
• Individual packaging (except for Extra-Large size), for hygienic protection and convenience.
• One additional size: Extra-Large, the only pad in the market with such length, for heavier incontinence and nighttime use.

With the new Sani Lady Sensitive by Everyday you live each day with confidence and a sense of freedom. Just like a woman is worth!

New Sani Lady Sensitive, by Everyday! Feel feminine every day!

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