A letter to the Youth and 25,000 meals to “NGO Apostoli”

The World Day for Elderly is typically celebrated on October 1st. Nonetheless, for the 100% Greek company MEGA Disposables SA, and its  range of incontinence products Sani Sensitive, every day is an ongoing effort of practical solidarity of the third age, with constant actions of respect and care.

Recognizing their value in our lives, Sani Sensitive «turned the lights” on the elderly people and gave them the opportunity to be heard. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility program “Letter to the Youth”, we invited the elderly from all over Greece to send a message, a word of advice to the younger generation, through a letter of inspiration and values.

More specifically, Sani Sensitive gathered from every corner of Greece ‘precious’ letters. All letters were posted on www.sani-grammastineagenia.gr, and the younger generation was called through social media to vote the letter that spoke louder to their heart. The first 125 elderly with the most votes, saw their own messages published either in the special album or in Sunday Newspapers, while, in addition, the first 5 letters won free incontinence products for 1 year.

At the same time, MEGA S.A understanding the difficulties that the elderly people face nowadays, supported the significant social and charitable work of “NGO APOSTOLI” of the Archdiocese of Athens, providing the money for 25,000 meals for the feeding program of indigent elderly.

The General Manager of NGO “Apostoli”, Mr. Konstantinos Dimtsas said: For Charity Organization “ Apostoli ” the NGO of Archdiocese of Athens, care and love for the elderly is a supreme duty to the people who gave birth to us, raised us, worked hard to provide us with a better life. Together with MEGA S.A and your support, we will offer, with greater strength, warmth and affection in abandoned and helpless elderly. Let us not forget, all of us, that the road to happiness always passes through our fellow man.”

Mechanism of action:

  • The elderly found the special postcard at Sani Sensitive points of sale.
  • Hundreds of people wrote their own message to the young generation and sent the prepaid postcard to the company’s offices.
  • Sani Sensitive spread their message, with respect, to the younger generation by publishing the messages received on the website www.sani-grammastineagenia.gr and in newspapers.

What messages did we receive?

The Third age sent messages of optimism, amidst the economic crisis, to all young people, which urged them not to leave the country, not to give up, to keep dreaming, be more human and to safeguard the family values which are valuable in difficult times. We received also hundreds of letters asking for more attention and love. Finally, many apologies were written for the “mistakes” of the older generation that nowadays burden the young generation.

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