Mega Disposables S.A “True Leader” for the 4th consecutive year

Mega S.A received for the fourth consecutive year, the top honor «True Leader» award in the annual business ceremony, organized by Icap Group *.

From a total of 22,200 companies surveyed, only 53 companies were awarded, including MEGA SA, by simultaneously fulfilling four following objective and measurable criteria, based on published results:

  • Is included in the 500 most profitable Companies based on EBITDA, for 2013
  • Is among the 500 companies that have increased their employees
  • Is ranked among the top positions in their industry (based on Revenues)
  • With high ICAP Credit Score

MEGA S.A. is currently one of the most sophisticated industries in Europe in the field of personal hygiene products. As a purely Greek company, it has managed to gain a leading position in many of the categories in which it operates  with favorite brands such as: EveryDay, Babylino, PomPon, Babycare, Sani etc, offering to the Greek family innovative suggestions for their personal hygiene.

During the period of economic crisis in Greece, the company did not only maintain its jobs rate but it has increased its staff by +20% (during 2008-2013). Strengthening its partnerships beyond the borders, the company has managed to double its exports in the midst of economic crisis, positively impacting on its human resources and the Greek economy.

Today, it has established its presence in more than 30 countries abroad, proving that innovation may have a Greek identity together with an international passport.

* ICAP Group is the only company recognized as a Credit Rating Agency by the SEC and by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

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