Sani Sensitive and NGO “Apostoli” standing by Third Age, begin Panhellenic campaign for Dementia

Sani Sensitive and NGO “Apostoli” standing by Third Age, begin Panhellenic campaign for Dementia

Within the context of World Day of Elderly, the 100% Greek company MEGA Disposables SA and the Greek products of personal hygiene, Sani Sensitive, are standing once again on the side of our country’s Mature Age and Support the Charity Organization “Apostoli” of the Archdiocese of Athens through a great Panhellenic information and prevention campaign for dementia. It constitutes a new program of Company Social Responsibility, which focuses on the health of the Third Age, since it is estimated that almost 200.000 people are suffering from dementia in Greece.

The information and prevention campaign will travel in 25 towns and islands of Greece, from the border areas to the big urban concentrations, in order to provide people, over 60 years old, with the chance to make a memory test, free of charge, conducted by specialized scientists, and take all the necessary information regarding the risk factors and the importance of early detection. Within the framework of this program, information speeches will take place in the community, regarding Dementia, the Managing Director of Apostoli, mr. K. Dimtsas, stated upon:” For all of us in Apostoli, our elderly fellow citizens, constitute one of our top priorities. Our main concern is to respectfully support them and offer them the possibility to live with dignity. During this difficult period, we give a lot of attention to the support of people who face financial indigence and suffer from serious diseases, like Alzheimer. Within this framework we constantly implement actions, which have dual purpose: Firstly, they aim to help people who suffer from this disease and, additionally, to train and stand by the side of those who take care of patients with dementia in order to become more efficient.

We mention, indicatively, some of the regions that Apostoli is going to visit: Didymoteicho, Florina, Simi, Kos, Nissiros, Mathraki, Erikoussa, Othoni, Corfu, Ioannina, Herakleion Crete, Rhodes, Tilos, Mytilene, Kasos, Samos, Ikaria, Fournoi, e.t.c The program begins on October from Chios and, eventually, will continue its visits to the rest of the destinations.

This particular initiative constitutes the continuation of important actions, by Sani products, for the Third Age and it is also included to the overall program of Mega Disposable’s Corporate Responsibility.

The importance of awareness in the early detection of the disease

In order for the early detection of the disease to be achieved, the public awareness is of paramount importance because the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions can affect significantly its evolution and improve the quality of life both, of the patient and the carer. The actions of awareness, through seminars, speeches and conferences, as well as the neuropsychological test (tests of memory, attention, focus, visuospatial and functional, mood scale), where the disorders of the above mentioned cognitive functions, can be detected even in their early stage and the patient can be immediately participate in the therapeutical program, play key role to this goal.

In Karelleio Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases of, the charity organization, Apostoli and the Holy Archdiocese of Athens operates Memory practice for a complete neuropsychological test of patients in order for the disease to be detected according to the international diagnostic codes. In addition to the above, at the Day Care Center and the Unit for Permanent Short Hospitality, the patients participate in the program of cognitive empowerment conducted by specialized scientific staff, which in combination with the pharmaceutical treatment, constitute the most proper method of treating the problems related to this disease.

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