“Adolescence from A to Z” – A parent academy with the support of EveryDay

The main goal is to inform and raise awareness to the teenage girls and their families for the great importance of prevention from an early age.

When we talk about prevention, most of us usually focus on medical checkup tests. But prevention is not only that. It is important to understand early that prevention is a general attitude to life, covering all aspects of everyday life of a girl, reflecting the triptych:  physical, mental and social health.

The 100% Greek company MEGA and feminine care products EveryDay have created, in cooperation with the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine, a new social program for teenage girls titled “Prevention = Life Attitude.” Important issues concerning thousands of Teenage girls in our country, such as balanced nutrition, bullying, learning difficulties, behavioral disorders, anxiety, the Internet risks, relations and a host of medical issues are included in the new social program, helping girls acquire habits that will enable them to fortify their organism and help them become healthy adults.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that the family contributes greatly to physical and psychosocial health of adolescents. Therefore, we have included in the actions of the new program to inform parents, to know and to be able to manage in the best way this sensitive, full of changes and tensions period of adolescence.

The overall program “Prevention = Life Attitude” includes various activities, such as online library (www.everyday.gr – section “Love your newself”), experiential interactive workshops, Parent Academy, creation of publications, speeches at conferences, presence of specialists Greek Company of Adolescent Medicine at telecasts analyzing and providing advice on important issues of adolescence.

Moreover, EveryDay, within the framework of prevention, covers also free preventive tests (Pap Test and Breast Ultrasound) in a total of more than 500 women, in cooperation in cooperation with a nationwide group health company. The main objective of this action is to spread the message of prevention as life attitude for all women, and simultaneously to motivate them to devote more time to the prevention of health, which is often neglected under the pressure of increased obligations of everyday life.

Prevention = Life Attitude” is part of the overall Corporate Responsibility Program of MEGA Disposables entitled “Acts of Caring.”

Find more information at www.everyday.gr .

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