MEGA: 1.200 Festive meals for the New Year’s Eve for people in need

Mega Disposables SA remains committed to its promise for substantial contribution to the society. Operating, for decades, as a responsible corporate citizen, the implementation of purposeful actions and donations that leave a positive impact on society and on the daily lives of our fellow human beings is its priority.

In this direction, MEGA supports once again the work of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA).More specifically, the company, provided 1,200 full meals for the New Year’s Eve to social structures, homeless fellow citizens and to families in need.

The specific activity took place in the context of the multi-year and stable cooperation of MEGA with the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens. Since 2015, MEGA, with a strong sense of social contribution and solidarity, provides festive meals to homeless people, while it also has an active role in providing personal hygiene items to people and families in need, on a regular basis.

The president of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens, Mrs. Melina Daskalaki, noted: ‘’MEGA Disposables  is a company that stands next to us overtime, with its new recent contribution, the company enabled us to ensure that every person in need will spend this year’s holidays with the warmness and the decency he deserves. Thank to MEGA’s initiative to give festive meals, the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens spreads a safety net of comfort and care for the homeless who are hosted at the city’s structures, for the ones who remain at the pavements, for the vulnerable groups and the weak households.  The contribution of streetwork groups of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens will be decisive, as they will distribute the meals throughout the city, wherever there is need.‘’

Mrs. Sofia Tsaka, Corporate and Social Responsibility Manager at MEGA mentioned: ‘’MEGA, with this donation, proves once more its intense social sensitivity. Listening carefully to the need of our fellow human beings, and in the context of multi-year cooperation with K.Y.A.D.A., we proceeded to donate meals for New Year’s Eve, to people in need. It’s our way of being close to them this holiday season. And we will always help take care of the vulnerable groups of the society.’’

The 100% Greek company, Mega Disposables S.A., with a leading position in the sector of personal hygiene products, is constantly next to the Greek society. It stands next to the Elderly people, intensifying its donations of personal hygiene products, in order to strengthen their protection. It is next to infants and children, covering their needs concerning the housing, food and education (eg. Children’s Village SOS Plagariou), offering the opportunity for free medical and pharmaceutical care, to new mothers, infants and children (Program Mother and Child of the Doctors of the World at the Athens Polyclinic). It takes care of the children’s health, offering every year invaluable medical equipment at the Pediatric Clinics of the biggest Public Hospitals in the country. It is present in social groceries, social pharmacies and dozens of other structures, with donations of her products. Mega was also beside the fire victims of this summer, sending free personal hygiene products, in collaboration with several Municipalities, as a contribution and support all the following days. Aware of its role, MEGA returns the love of its hundreds of thousands of consumers through actions that create value, creating a long-term positive social impact. MEGA. Next to you with sensitivity.

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