Light Inco Sani Men pads

Sani Sensitive Men Absorbent protectors are designed based on the anatomy of the male body and are suitable for Light and Medium incontinence. They fit discreetly in men underwear. They combine effective protection against leakage and unpleasant odour, skin friendly (Sensitive) design, anatomical and discreet fit. With special Odour Control technology that offers proven reduction of unpleasant odour, for up to 8 hours. They are clinically tested with excellent results by Dermatest Laboratory (Germany). With front adhesive wings and a total of three fixation points for very steady fit. They contain core from plant fibers, certified by FSC®. Available in 2 absorbency levels (Medium, Super). In individual packaging for hygienic protection and discreet transport.

Dermatologically tested. Produced in Greece.